hi!! we're headed west to spend a week in wyoming. a dream of ours that is many years in the making and is almost as exciting as the fact that we are traveling as husband and wife. this month will be another busy one. however, i am looking forward to the day when life slows down a bit and i can share about our travels from over the summer, our wedding day that we are currently replaying over and over again in our heads and our next big adventure. with that being said, we will see you soon! - mr and mrs. miller.



over the weekend we became husband and wife. we spent three days tucked back in the woods, surrounded by those whom we love so dearly. friends and family travelled from across the country to celebrate us. we laughed, we cried, we shared stories around a bonfire, and we danced until dawn. we are so grateful, to have each other in this life and to feel the love of so many. after six years, it's official... we're the millers!

check out more photos from our wedding weekend: #happilyevermiller
photos above by our friends the ulmers



summer nights should be spent outdoors. dancing for hours under the light of the stars. preferably barefoot. surrounded by kindred spirits. to one of your favorite bands. raising your hands, closing your eyes, and singing at the top of your lungs.

from nashville's concert series live on the green.
see more photos from the show here



over the weekend, we travelled to east tennessee for a few days of celebrating. we are officially one month away from the wedding, carter turned twenty-seven and i attended my first bridal shower. it was a weekend filled with love, a lot of happy tears and ice cream cake for breakfast. by sunday, i was emotionally exhausted. so after breakfast, carter suggested we take a drive to the great smoky mountains national park. there is nothing better than the feeling of the cool, mountain air whipping through your fingers on the drive up. we pulled over and made our way down the moss covered rocks until we reached the river. we skipped rocks, dipped our toes in the cold stream and let the sun peeking through the trees warm our faces. days like these make me miss living near this beautiful place, where we can sneak off to for a few hours. it's been so special to us over the years. we often daydream of finding a home nearby and raising mountain babes. but for now, days such as these will surely be cherished. 



photo by: ulmer studios

eating / blackberries and paletas
drinking / lots of water and rosemary honey lattes
practicing / sweet dance moves for my wedding
buying / little treasures at thrift stores, saddle blankets, milk glasses, baskets
mastering / the art of planning a wedding 
learning / to properly assemble and address invitations
trying / to be outside as much as possible
playing / the ukelele 
finishing / music playlists
reading / nothing currently. now accepting recommendations
remembering / to take deep breaths
wearing / summer sundresses
cooking / lean cuisines out of a hotel room
working / on editing images, planning a bridal shower, oh and a wedding
traveling / around the southeast with my love
wanting / to make it out of these last seven weeks alive

hi! just checking in over here. this past month has passed by in a hazy blur. i've spent the last four weeks on the road. it was unexpected and just what i needed. i made it home a few days ago and in between meetings and birthday celebrations there is this wedding that i am planning. and in forty-two days it will all be over. so for now, i am embracing the chaos and anticipating that saturday afternoon where i will become a mrs. || this post was inspired by my sweet friend, amanda over at beetle & fig