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+ foggy streets of downtown
+ summer mornings at the harbor
+ happy hour, every hour
+ silly faces in the bean
+ late night photo booth fun
+ deep dish, because chicago...

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last weekend we took a little roadtrip over to chicago to celebrate our last weekend up north. we stayed with our good friend, aaron. he showed us around, took us to his favorite spots and is overall responsible for the five hours of sleep we got and the damn good time we had. twenty four hours is no where near enough time to explore this city. we are already planning for another visit. filled with more food, more drinks, more train rides, more sleepless nights and more laughing so much your ribs hurt. 



bits + pieces from our week in charleston || see more little films here.



over the weekend we took a day trip to explore ann arbor. my new friend courtney emailed me with a list of places to visit and they did not disappoint. as we were driving in to the city, we noticed the colorful cottages lining the streets and the number of families enjoying their sunday by playing in their yard or walking their dogs. oh, how we long for those days! we walked up and down main street, stopping into different shops along the way. we picked up a frisbee at moosejaw, tried not to buy the entire store at rock paper scissor, and walked loops around the city. we grabbed a pineapple/mango batido at frita batidos which was perfect for the afternoon heat and then made our way back up main street to the jolly pumpkin. we wasted a few hours on the rooftop with blueberry infused cocktails and truffle fríes with the most amazing rosemary aioli. we visited nichol's arboretum where we walked several miles of trails along the huron river and the most beautiful peony garden. afterwards, we drove around making note of places to visit next time. ann arbor, we love ya. let's do this again sometime!



walking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the trees and waves crashing on the shore of lake michigan was a dream... until we stepped out of our tent. after an overnight rainstorm, we were greeted by hundreds of michigan's infamous mosquitos. we lasted all of five minutes before hopping in the car and driving down to an open area public beach access. we backed on to the sand and set up the camp grill on the truck bed. the cool breeze coming off the lake made our warm coffee that much more enjoyable. we scrambled eggs, grilled turkey sausage, and sat together by the sea. i wouldn't mind every weekend being spent this way.