on our first morning in boulder, we woke up to several inches of snow. we bundled up and set out on foot to grab breakfast. the skies were slowly beginning to clear and the mountains were emerging in the distance. after the foggy drive in, we were elated to see all of the natural beauty surrounding the city. we ended up at snooze where we warmed up with coffee and indulged in egg's benedict and breakfast tacos. by the time we left, the sun was peeking through the clouds and the snow began to melt. we walked through the historic district picking out the homes we'd grow old in, something we do no matter what city we are in. after a lengthy walk, we picked up a few things at the house and set off towards the mountains for the day. while initially we were set back by the sudden snow storm, it was nice to experience what winter might feel like in boulder, at least for a few hours. 



when researching for somewhere to stay in boulder, we had two questions for ourselves; where do we want to be located and how often will we need to drive. naturally, we searched for hotels first but found them to be either out of our price range or too far outside of town. i began searching airbnb for a place we would feel comfortable staying in. for some reason, staying in a hotel where thousands of different people stay feels natural, while staying in a stranger's home makes us weary. i narrowed down the search to a small cabin tucked away in the canyon and a cozy apartment just blocks from the square. we decided to go with the apartment for its' central location and space. we knew we would drive to the mountains each day and wanted the luxury of walking to pearl street. 

the apartment worked out great for us. it was filled with the most beautiful light peeking through in the mornings, a comfortable bed to come home to after the long days, and a front porch to sit and enjoy coffee. we were able to walk to the farmers market in the morning, grab breakfast, and then come back home and change clothes once the sun had been up for a few hours. we will definitely use airbnb again for future travels. i'm so glad to have taken these photos of the home to remember this special little spot in the heart of boulder. 



for years we have talked about taking a trip to colorado. there are so many cities and national parks that i dream of visiting someday. when we found ourselves with a long easter weekend, we jumped at the chance for a little mountain getaway. we made a list of places to explore, packed a suitcase, and took a direct flight into denver. it was cold and raining when we arrived. the city was covered in fog and it was a complete dream. as we drove up to boulder where we would be staying for the weekend, snow started to fall. thankfully, we packed light winter gear. we checked into our place, changed into warmer clothes, and walked downtown to grab dinner. the weekend away was just what we needed to cure the winter blues. i'm so excited to share our few days in colorado with you! 



hello! if you're reading this now, thank you for checking in with this little space inspite of a few months of silence. after sharing the details from our wedding, honeymoon, our move to the midwest, and the holidays, it felt like a good time to take a small step back. the winter blues set in a little bit and i was left feeling burnt out. and truthfully, i just wanted to spend some time with my husband. away from shooting, editing, and attempting to write up something i felt was worth reading. 

it was an adjustment, that winter season. but we survived. we spent our evenings preparing dinner together. we binge watched the office and parenthood. we ventured out in the snow. we finally purchased a couch. and we dreamed of warmer weather. now that spring has arrived, we have spent as much time as possible outdoors. we built our bikes and are enjoying afternoon rides through the neighborhood. we're researching places nearby to go camping. and looking forward to sunday afternoons at the lake... fishing, picnics, and naps underneath blue skies. 

needless to say, i haven't been all that busy. quite the opposite, actually. however, i have a lot to share here. so that's it. i'm back. and looking forward to catching up with all of you, too. thanks again for supporting this little space of mine.  xx



so much love. so many memories. this was the happiest day of our lives.