EASTER, 2016.


last week we travelled home to tennessee to spend the easter holiday with our families. we dyed eggs and made bunny cakes with our nephews, hunted for eggs in the backyard with cousins, and finished the weekend off with awkward family photos. these are my people and i sure do love them.



our days in western missouri are numbered. we feel a huge transition is on the horizon. do we stay on the road or do we make our way home? there is still half of the country that we want to venture to, but the job opportunites that way are not looking like they will come to fruition. the idea of going home for a while is looking like more of a possibility and that excites us. a summer in the mountains, family dinners in the backyard, catching up with friends, and everything else that being home will bring. 



on our seventh valentine's day together, we celebrated it just as we did our first. only a little more grown up. he still cooked a delicious meal; bacon wrapped filets with grilled asparagus. we still danced around a kitchen. this time, ours. we exchanged long, love letters. i still cried. but this year, we dressed up. we sipped red wine out of beautifully engraved glasses, gifts from our wedding. and we loved much deeper. seven years of it. and as much as i can understand how many do not care for valentine's day. for us two saps who have more cheese than we know what to do with, we will continue to celebrate. because that's our life secret, celebrate everything. 



after spending christmas in knoxville with carter's family, we drove to nashville to celebrate my birthday and ring in the new year with mine. i'm not sure about you, but for us, each visit home means a week of eating, drinking, and celebrating something so you better hope you packed your favorite yoga pants because that's really all you will wear! of course, this visit was no different.

we made sure to stop by burger up because to this day, it's my favorite burger and the truffle fries just can't be beat. i had to have an acai bowl from franklin juice co because it felt more like summer than it did winter. we made plenty of coffee runs to frothy monkey and high brow brew. and we finally got to check out the flipside - they have a 20$ bloody mary that is a meal! we chose a basic one.

i spent a few extra days at home to make a doctor's appointment i'd waited six months for. i was able to stop by one of my favorite shops, imogene + willie, and pick up a few new records at grimey's. the best part was that i got to spend some quality time with my family and our new dog, gracie. being home is always so good for my soul. 



today i am celebrating another year. surrounded by my love, my family, and truffle fries. i couldn't be more grateful. and thank you dear husband, for these amazing balloons that will no doubt still be around come spring. 

cheers to twenty eight and all of the adventures that it will bring!