we were together, i forget the rest...

last march, we were sitting in carter's apartment during spring break. it was a breezy, friday morning and we had the weekend to ourselves. out of nowhere, he turned to me and said," i wish we could be sitting at d'allesandro's right now." so i replied, "let's go." we packed a bag and were set off to charleston, south carolina. six hours later, we were enjoying our favorite pizza in the city where we fell in love. we spent the next day at sullivan's island on an empty beach. we were listening to this song, enjoying the salty breeze and watching the tide roll out. it was in those moments that we decided this was where we wanted to be. together. we went back home. made it through finals and our monotonous jobs all while searching for a home on the coast. we survived another long distance summer, traveling back and forth to see each other. and in august, i packed my car and left my home in tennessee for a new adventure. 

we've been here now for a few months. he works days at a bike shop while i spend evenings waiting tables. we share two days off together each week. we enjoy morning walks, drinking coffee on the dock, riding bikes around the old village, kayaking through shem creek and watching the sunset on sullivan's. 

we created this blog as a place to gather our thoughts and document this time in our lives. something we can share with our families back home, as well as anyone else along the way and allow them to see why this place is so special to us. we hope you will stay awhile.