here are a few more from last week in destin. 
i'm glad we made the trip. it was a much needed vacation and such a great way to start off summer. ten of us made the long haul down to the gulf. i am always so excited to visit destin. my family vacationed there all of my life and i still feel like a kid every time i go. carter and i were usually the first two up. we would go for early walks on the beach or watch the sun come up laying in a hammock. the boys usually made breakfast, except when we ventured out to the donut hole. the best bakery and breakfast in town. ive still yet to try any lunch items! we spent the days at the beach. everyone took turns taking the sea kayak out. the water was warm and beautiful. and we had dinner at dewey destin on the harbor which was incredible as always! hopefully ill be back next summer. however, now that i am back in charleston, i am still in beach mode. i am ready to enjoy the summer and take advantage of the beach just a few miles away.

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