carter said to me yesterday it was no surprise to him that we were celebrating three years and it will be no surprise when we are celebrating thirty. hearing the person i love and share my life with say this made my heart so happy. it was one of those days where every song puts you in a better mood than the last. warning: this post may linger on....

we started our celebrating a little early. on friday, i came home from work and started to unwind. it took me about ten minutes to notice the beautiful quilt that now covered the bed. i didn't process it all at first, and kind of stood there in shock. this is a quilt i've had my eyes on for years and even saved up for several times but never allowed myself to actually indulge. it was so thoughtful. i've had a tough week at work and that night had been the worst. to top it off, he had also bought a pizza and had it ready for dinner. thankful, oh so thankful i am. 

yesterday, i spent the hours carter had to work picking up last minute things around town and getting ready for the night. before dinner we exchanged a few cards and gifts feeling silly but loving any chance to spoil the other. 

trying to avoid the cinco de mayo parties, we had dinner at a japanese steak house. everything was wonderful. and he surprised me yet again when i realized while making reservations he had explained the occasion. we were greeted with kind words from several of the wait staff. it just felt so special. afterwards, we walked to the battery where we watched the super moon set over the harbor. there were beautiful flowers waiting at home along with sweets! how does he do it?! the rest of the evening was spent curled up watching movies in my new quilt.  

it's so hard to believe that the best is yet to come. but i know that it's true, he reminds me everyday. 

i'll be seeing you - billie holiday


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend! You can tell by these photos just how in love you two are :)

    1. that is such a compliment, thank you alycia!

  2. aw, love special surprises and special days! you look gorgeous!!
    xo TJ


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