on friday we drove to james island to visit the county park. we biked through the trails and played a few holes of disc golf. but the best part was the wildlife and the scenery. woodpeckers, hummingbirds and sweet baby ducks that followed us around. oh and every single tree. afterwards, we picked up jack's and ate lunch on folly beach. those cosmic dogs are the best.  


+ city + colour concert  // summer stripes // roadtrips 
+ picnics in the park // marvin's mountaintop // family visits

we've been very busy this past week between family staying with us and working. but it has been so much fun showing them around and spending time with them. we are so grateful for them and that they were able to both take a little vacation, let alone choose us to spend it with!


thursday afternoon out of the blue, carter turned to me and asked me on a date. i mean, it came from out of left field and when i started blushing, he noticed. after more than three years together, he still wants to ask me out on dates and the idea of that filled my heart with joy. after a long beach day, we ended up at liberty taproom for an early dinner. i couldn't be happier that we finally gave this place a chance. they had strawberry lemonade served in a mason jar and i knew i was in the right place. pair that with one of the best cheeseburger + fries i've ever had, i was in heaven. after dinner we went bowling and spent the night laughing like kids. we made more than one big lebowski reference and sang along to all of the cheesy bowling alley playlists. it was one of the best spontaneous dates yet and i'm looking forward to many more with him.