afternoon bike rides // family of deer // beautiful home 
view from the porch // carter hoping those are dolphin // playing in the waves

we spent two wonderful days in hilton head. it's always special to be with his parents, just the four of us, (big family). wake up to the morning sun, spend the day alternating between beach and pool, enjoying meals on the patio. no matter how short the visit is, this place always makes you feel like a week long vacation. i love the conversations and mimosas shared with carter's sweet mama. and watching the boys grill dinner with huge smiles on their faces. 

yes, these days are just too good. 


happy national hotdog day!
we might have celebrated a few days early. but we could not resist after realizing the day was approaching. and this holiday falling on day two of "return to healthy living" just wasn't good news for me. we went to the only place imaginable to celebrate, jack's cosmic dogs. i love all of the vintage coke products and memorabilia placed around. i opted for a dog with sauerkrat and spicy mustard while carter chose his favorite with jamaican relish. i skipped the strawberry milkshake this time. but i won't make that mistake again. if you're ever in the area and crazy enough to eat a hotdog, you must try this little place out. it's the best!

what are your favorite toppings?


how beautiful are these photos!
i am losing my mind by visiting sites like pinterest and apartment therapy. 
i am happy in our cozy little studio with wood beams and near the water. 
but i am so ready for a home. ready for the next step. going to pick out special
pieces that will fill our home for years. painting and hanging. oh, the possibilites.
of course, the subject comes up every other day. but we have yet to really dig into it. 
perhaps, for now these will suffice. i will continue pinning photos of magical places. 
and be excited to share my finds with carter and dream up our future home. 

all photos c/o pinterest. 
original links can be found via here


today was pretty great. possibly because i knew it was my last day of freedom. the fact that i could spend the morning reading emails and editing pictures with a cup of coffee. i could watch girly movies on netflix and lay around in gym shorts all day. or maybe because carter made dinner plans for our last little date night for the next two weeks. we will both be busy with work and projects leading up to a very special birthday celebration. we got to spend a few hours on folly tonight. catching up with old friends and stopping by one of our favorite hidden spots in town. i just have to say, that boy makes me happy. 



it is safe to say that i have been on cloud nine this last week. after a month of absolute madness, i had a week off of work and my amazing family took a ten hour roadtrip to come visit the boy and i. this was a family vacation like no other. planned last minute and for some, it was their first time in charleston. we only had a few days together. and while they stayed at hotel nearby, we ended up back at our place for the overnight. it was so different not being all together in a beach house. i missed those extra moments like watching movies and getting ready together, which sometimes are my fondest memories. but needless to say, i enjoyed every minute they were here. well, almost every minute. there were a few bumps like walking back and forth to the beach only to get caught in a monsoon or the long waits for a group of eight. but as they are now heading back to tennessee, i am sitting here, counting my lucky stars for each of them. i had such a wonderful week and am already counting down the days until september!

happy weekend!


over the weekend between all of the cleaning and catching up, i got asked on a little date. i have been dying to see the new wes anderson film, "moonrise kingdom" and was thrilled when carter found out it was finally playing nearby. we grabbed a quick dinner at atlanta bread company and walked from there to the theater. the movie exceeded my expectations! i loved the warm look and vintage style. and the mix of 1960s french pop and classical music was perfect. i can't wait to see it again. after the movie we made white chip macadamia nut cookies that were so good, we ate half of them right after they were done! everyday is special in itself but i sure do love these kind of nights. oh and two days til my FAMILY comes to visit.....aaahh :)

anyone else loving this film like i am?
here's to monday not feeling like a monday!



thursday afternoon while carter and i were elbows deep cleaning our turtle tank, our friend rob called and invited us down for the night. charleston is only two hours from savannah so we have been visiting back and forth the last two years. however, this would be the last time in the old house on the corner. all of our friends are slowly moving to seperate parts of the country so it was important to us to make the trip. we gathered an overnight bag, grabbed delicious turkey pesto sandwiches from whole foods and hit the highway. we enjoy roadtrips and i know carter just loves listening to me sing! we spent thursday afternoon catching up on the front porch and made a few pizzas for dinner. later that night, we piled in a car and made our way to abe's , probably my favorite bar in the historic district. not only is the atmosphere always great but the building is old and has so much character. after a long and late night we took a memorable cab ride home. and as always, we had such a good time in savannah. tried to see as much as twenty four hours allows, not knowing when we will be fortunate enough to visit again. 



here are a few photos from this morning in savannah. we were running on about four hours of sleep. our friends arpetrio drove in and rob took us all to b. matthews for a life-saving breakfast. afterwards, carter and i wandered around until the parking meter expired. i got to see river street with all of it's unique shops. this is such a beautiful town. i love all of the cobblestone and bridges. it was a great spontaneous visit but i am happy to be home and refusing to leave my bed. speaking of which, i have a lot of sleeping to do. 



what a week it has been. five days without internet. neither of us ever expected to miss the internet like we have lately. we usually keep the computers and phones away which is why i can go days without posting and then post overload suddenly. just depends on the day. now, we don't have cable in our home. we do however use netflix and hulu, etc. through an xbox. and ofcourse, carter's favorite thing to do after work while waiting for me is to play video games, go figure. and i must say, i missed this thing. i felt like i wasn't keeping up and would fall back. what made the whole thing worse.... dealing with comcast. period. five days of back and forth nonsense and it took a technician fifteen minutes to fix the problem. 

the last few days have been spent working late. and afterwards, carter and i would pick movie after movie from our collection while enjoying dinner together. as much as i missed the online world, it was nice to just share those extra moments with him. 

hope your having a good week. 
it's great to be back! xx 


for the first time in over a month, neither of us had plans on our days off. 
there has been so much going on lately with his family visiting here and the two of us traveling to visit mine. we even hoped to drive back to east tennessee just because we had an extra day off with the holiday. but the reality was, we both needed rest and badly. so thursday consisted of a lot of napping,  comfy clothes, errand running, grocery buying, snacking and more napping. it was glorious. 

friday however.... was a different type of wonderful. one of those days where you just feel good. i got to enjoy my cup of coffee in my new favorite mug. i found a few old letters from carter along with movie stubs and added them to a scrapbook. went to mozzo's for lunch where we sat on a cozy couch and sipped on homemade blueberry and mango lemonade. we took a quick walk on the beach, until the wind became too much. (notice, awesome beach hair).

 i had such a nice end to my week. i am so glad he is my best friend.