what a week it has been. five days without internet. neither of us ever expected to miss the internet like we have lately. we usually keep the computers and phones away which is why i can go days without posting and then post overload suddenly. just depends on the day. now, we don't have cable in our home. we do however use netflix and hulu, etc. through an xbox. and ofcourse, carter's favorite thing to do after work while waiting for me is to play video games, go figure. and i must say, i missed this thing. i felt like i wasn't keeping up and would fall back. what made the whole thing worse.... dealing with comcast. period. five days of back and forth nonsense and it took a technician fifteen minutes to fix the problem. 

the last few days have been spent working late. and afterwards, carter and i would pick movie after movie from our collection while enjoying dinner together. as much as i missed the online world, it was nice to just share those extra moments with him. 

hope your having a good week. 
it's great to be back! xx 


  1. man, comcast can really suck sometimes. when they were setting up my internet, they were 5 hours late. ugh!
    anyway, glad your back- i love your blog. Just found it today. :)

    xo, samantha

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Samantha! I always love finding new blogs including yours now :) And yes, Comcast is the devil! haha Have a great day! xx


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