we started the day off by heading to the beach bright and early with a friend. i can not emphasize enough how lucky we got with our beach spot. there were thousands of people on the beach yesterday, however, only about ten at the washout. thank you, lord. carter hung up the hammock and also made a little tent for shade which saved my life. the heat + humidity were dangerously high. so i layed in the shade, caught up on some reading and watched carter and randall fish all day. we stopped by whole foods on the way home and grabbed dinner. made festive delicious desserts for friends and ended up with the leftovers. and watched fireworks on the roof...(where myself and carter both discovered how terrifed of heights i am). that was an unforgettable moment. we were both missing family back home, but ended up having one of the best fourth's in some time. 

hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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