it is safe to say that i have been on cloud nine this last week. after a month of absolute madness, i had a week off of work and my amazing family took a ten hour roadtrip to come visit the boy and i. this was a family vacation like no other. planned last minute and for some, it was their first time in charleston. we only had a few days together. and while they stayed at hotel nearby, we ended up back at our place for the overnight. it was so different not being all together in a beach house. i missed those extra moments like watching movies and getting ready together, which sometimes are my fondest memories. but needless to say, i enjoyed every minute they were here. well, almost every minute. there were a few bumps like walking back and forth to the beach only to get caught in a monsoon or the long waits for a group of eight. but as they are now heading back to tennessee, i am sitting here, counting my lucky stars for each of them. i had such a wonderful week and am already counting down the days until september!

happy weekend!

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