traveling has become one of my favorite past times. specifically, road trips with carter. in college, i drove to nashville several times each month and loved making playlists for the trip. carter however, hated being in the car for more than twenty minutes. our roadtrips went something like this....

me: la, la, la.. look at this, look at that, i looove this..
him: are we there yet, whistling as loud as possible, turning on hazard lights.. (catch my drift)

over the years, we've found that when carter was pre-occupied with driving (not going to argue on that one..) he genuinally enjoyed the trip more and more with each one. which became more often once long distance came back into play. now, we welcome them with open arms. 

so thursday we started our day at one of my favorite breakfast spots. after a few cups of coffee to wake us up, we hit the road for fripp island to visit our friends rob + juby. we drove through adorable little beaufort and i fell in love with the town. hopped across three islands, drove through a nature sanctuary and finally made it to the cozy, hidden home. we sat on the porch and listened to the rain while hearing about juby's trip to the states and catching up on old times. we played with chip junior, rob's new and very playful pup. we ventured out for fresh seafood to prepare for dinner. curled up on the couch while the storm continued outside and watched movies. and ended the night in bunk beds. yes, bunk beds. and there absolutely was a fight for the top bunk ;)

the overnighter ended way too quickly and we were right back in the car heading home. 
but it sure is nice to be able to hang with friends in another city for the night! 



  1. Aww look at that pup - a ball of energy that one

  2. all of these photos are all so fabulous! i love just sitting and listening to the rain. and bunk beds? how fun ;)
    xo TJ


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