saturday was one of those dream days. one where you naturally sleep in past nine, the sun is out (whaat?) and you have the day off. yes, that was my day. to top it all off carter had the day off too and we were spending it together!

we stopped by the charleston record expo and picked up a few great finds including paul simon's graceland, the best of the band, the grateful dead's europe 72 and the doors 13 album. all for under thirty bucks, which is still a little more than i would usually like to spend on records but we were there for the experience and just too excited to put them back. we enjoyed bbq sandwiches for lunch on the shaded sidewalk. and wandered around world market, trying not to pick up everything in sight.

our friend larry from the charleston brewing company asked us to work the festival of beers with him. we met him in the afternoon and packed up for the stadium. we set up tents around the outfield, decorated with each breweries t-shirts and banners. there were several food trucks parked, games of corn hole set up and a local favorite band "the larry david project" playing the stage next to us. larry aka "gonzo" renamed us both pocahontas and aro. and there were people coming to our tent all night in search of our characters. aro and i poured sample after sample, sold a few t-shirts, and met some hilarious people. including the couple who carter literally sold the shirt off his back to....

hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have totally fallen out of the loop with you and your adorable life, but it seems to me that you're doing fabulously well! ;) And I'm super jealous at all of your sweet record finds. SO. Jealous.

  2. These photos are so good, sounds like such a fun weekend! :)

  3. Oh man... I really want to check out roti rolls


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