one of my favorite places on earth, target, has featured a few vintage-esque shops for the season. i am loving patch nyc and the curiousity shoppe. carter and i both have found several little additions for our home in recent visits to the store. we are picking up every home item we can these days, in moderation of course. i try not to buy things for full price but some of these items were too good to wait on and will sell out fast. does this place drain anyone else's wallet or is it just me? 



while in nashville, we celebrated my amazing grandmother's 80th birthday. my mom planned a great fall themed party and it seemed as if my grandmother was over the moon. family members from both sides attended, some of which i hadn't seen in years. and carter finally got to meet those he had not in the last four years...( i should mention i met his immediate family + extended family + a few more all at the same time, around our fifth official date) so this was a long time coming. we had assortments of my grandmother's favorite dishes and orange dreamsicle punch. i wish i could have taken more photos of the actual party and decorations, but a sweet, demanding four year old insisted on having my camera all day and i just wanted her to stay happy. here are a few of my favorites. especially the last silly one of carter!



morning swings // fall shoes + new rug // late night snack // me and my love
arrington vineyards // flyer // mama and me // breathtaking view
bunganut pig // dad posing // camera one // camera two
loveless barn // huge doors // random things // white benches 
sad at the airport // even more sad looking at photos // staying busy // travel companion

listening to // the avett brothers: live and die
now playing // the tourist ( i really like this movie although i hear many don't)

we are slowly getting back into the swing of things around here. we've managed to pay bills, somewhat start unpacking and get outdoors to enjoy the warm sun, so i feel accomplished. tomorrow we are both back to work and planning our next little getaway!


zoo crew // zebras // flamingos // savannah brushing a goat
petting baby goats // sweet babies // sleeping beauty // self explanatory ;)
bobby's dairy dip // cute boy // menu // pick up window
groove record shop // inside groove  // the basement // grimey's 
grandma and me // photo by savannah // uncle and mom circa 1980 // wine tasting 

this weekend was a blur for me. from a surprise wine tasting to a weekend sleepover. time just flew by and the weekend was gone before i knew it. really that's how my whole trip felt. as i'm sitting here in charleston and wishing i could rewind back to last wednesday and do the whole thing all over again. it felt so good to be home. and to be honest, i've had a tough time readjusting these past few days. you really do appreciate things differently over time. sigh

happy friday!


the last six days have just been amazing and were spent in my hometown of nashville, tennessee. 

we flew in wednesday afternoon and were immediately surprised when both of our dads were there waiting on us. we got as many hugs in as we could before carter's pop had to head back to knoxville. the weather was a glorious 75 degrees and it felt great to be home. we made a quick stop by mom's office because there was no way i could wait any longer to see her! we grabbed lunch and a tower of fat tire at drake's. stopped by the market to pick up tomatoes and mums. and with the weekend officially kicking off the season, the pumpkins are out and ready for fall. franklin is gorgeous this time of year and i made sure to keep an eye out for any vacant homes. 

thursday we had the day to ourselves. we started the morning at the famous loveless cafe. we had peach and honey jam with biscuits and the cheesiest hashbrown casserole in town. we wandered around the gift shop and the dreamy loveless barn before heading into town for a few hours. we drove around the neighborhood i grew up in and i pointed out every memorable place we passed. carter met up with my dad while i got a quick haircut...actually, there was nothing quick about it (sorry love, you're such a trooper). afterwards, we picked up oreo milkshakes from bobby's dairy dip and stopped by to visit with my grandmother, who can make anyone's day better. 

friday, we spent the early morning in leiper's fork with dad. we got a quick bite to eat at puckett's grocery and walked around the cute little town. i think it may have been both of our favorites. small, homey and close to my family... sign me up! 

more to come!


tough decisions // summer beach sunset // tiny dream car // secret courtyard
beautiful day // hilton harbor // modcloth fashion challenge // homemade blts
running // towers // blueberry pancakes for dinner // sweet boy
afternoon walk // long talks // finding beauty // all around
baroni's // pizza and beers // impatient // laundry outcome

--i am SO excited for today. i've been counting down for months and it's finally here! we are running last minute errands, getting our little turtles taken care of (we will miss them!) packing and more packing. seriously, there are eight pairs of my shoes sitting by my suitcase wondering who will make the cut...we will be heading to the airport shortly and will be in nashville in just a few hours! this week is going to be so much fun and i can't wait to see my family!

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on thursday we took our third annual day-trip to hilton head. each year, carter's oldest sister and her husband take a mini-trip to a lovely condo on the island to celebrate beth's birthday. and we started making the trip to visit once we moved to charleston. just a "quick" two hour drive.... we look forward to this trip every year. the first visit, eli was only four months old. and that following year, he came running out with his "i'm gonna be a big brother" t-shirt. we were the first to hear the news about little miles flynn. and now, a year later at five months old, he is here with us too! so this place holds pretty special memories in our hearts. we had lunch at a new spot that wasn't too impressive. swam around the freezing indoor pool, then waded in the hot tub (which for the record, was like bath water and not too hot) oh and jim's pool bar! but the main thing we wanted was to give beth and nick some time to enjoy to themselves. so we offered to watch the boys at various times of the day. eli is just infatuated with his uncle carter and he is a big fan of his too. i watched miles mainly. cause he was bound to need a diaper change or spit up at some point, right?! we had an early dinner on the harbor and picked up a few cupcakes for dessert. before we knew it, it was nine, the boys were sleeping and we had to get on the road. it will only be two months til we see them at thanksgiving, but it's always tough saying goodbye. and knowing how much they will grow over those sixty odd days. 

and i just have to add about the trip home so i do not forget. the highway was pitch black. it was around ten and we were about an hour away from home when we noticed the thousands of stars in the sky. so clear it was like looking at the milky galaxies swirling right above you. we put a good playlist on, opened the moon roof on the car and sang at the top of our lungs. just one of those moments....

have a fantastic weekend!



drive fast on empty streets // with nothing in mind // except falling in love // and not getting arrested.
-hunter s. thompson

reading // the happiness project by gretchen rubin. i've been meaning to read this for far too long and finally picked it up. i need a breath of fresh inspiration.
practicing // new techniques on my camera. i have not spent enough time with it lately.
making me smile // the next three weeks are filled with traveling and family time. i can not wait.
not making me smile // the difference of mine and the misters schedules are really beginning to get to us. these next few days do not look promising. think happy thoughts!
playing // john butler trio: what you want. this is a live, kind of faster than the original but still just as beautiful version of the song that reminds me of driving around back country roads in tennessee with carter squeezing my hand. those are memories that draw me into the idea of moving back.
playing // m83: i guess i'm floating. something about this time of year i suppose. it always brings me to a happy place.

**hoping to be back to regular posting soon and very soon. til' then! xo


we celebrated labor day together by spending a few hours on the water. the boat slips in nearby neighborhoods had mile long lines so i suggested heading toward sullivan's island with the beach as a fall back plan. we found a dusty, gravel road which led to a secret slip. hooray! it was perfect! we only had a few hours since one of us had to work yesterday. so we floated downstream with the swift current until we realized we were a few miles out and still had to get back. we fished for a bit before heading upstream, paddling against the strong breeze + rough current. my sore little shoulders.... exhausted and starving, we picked up sushi from whole foods. i finished my lunch in record time, showered and rushed off to work for the evening. (don't even wanna talk about it, so i won't!) but i came home to a huge smile, delicious dinner and one of my favorite movies on netflix. so i just can't complain one bit. 

hope you had a safe and wonderful labor day!


 iced coffee // rainy day record playin' // happy lady // best pizza in the world (i'd say)
casual summer style // big lebowski mug // homemade chocolate chip pancakes
boulevard // harry potter + afternoon nap // diner dates part I and II
favorite maxi skirt // love filled kitchen // baking with a new plate // dinner date

another whirlwind week over here. i am not sure if the days are suddenly shorter or all this rain is slowly taking over my brain. it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating carter's birthday, then i blinked and it's september. seriously, where did the month of august go... it has really been a wild month. maybe from working long hours and the few roadtrips we took. the lack of sun--- i am all for stormy summer days, we get excited to wear raingear around here. but i think it rained 25/31 days last month and that is a lot for two people who moved to the beach and enjoy being outdoors. thanks, hurricane season. so i've been indoors. and saving money. and house hunting. and school researching. and life can slow down at any moment please. 

now playing //  christina perri and jason mraz: distance. i have enjoyed listening to these two for years but then they do this. isn't jm cute with his barefeet and earthy essence. and christina, i just adore her. really.  and i live vicariously through her tattoos and instagram.
now playing // the raconteurs: steady as she goes. jack white. that's all.
now playing // bon iver: towers. it's so beautiful i can hardly stand it. the actual song begins around 1:30  but the entire video is so breathtaking. if i could close my eyes and picture my life flashing by, it would look a little something like this.



on friday we spent a few hours on folly. i forgot how much more i enjoyed the beach once september comes around. with the current alcohol ban and the first week of classes underway the beaches were nearly empty. we parked at the end of the island and explored the abandoned structures and damaged piers from last summer's hurricane. it was so vacant it was almost eerie. and we were more than likely not supposed to be there. we mostly sat with our feet in the water and enjoyed the salty breeze. until the short attention span took over and we found ourselves scanning the shore for shells before heading back home. i wish it were possible for us to live in two places at once. like charleston with it's beaches and some other mountain town. i can only come up with places in washington or oregon and that's like reaaally far away. (what am i thinking?) so thankful for these days with you love. even when i'm not acting like it!