drive fast on empty streets // with nothing in mind // except falling in love // and not getting arrested.
-hunter s. thompson

reading // the happiness project by gretchen rubin. i've been meaning to read this for far too long and finally picked it up. i need a breath of fresh inspiration.
practicing // new techniques on my camera. i have not spent enough time with it lately.
making me smile // the next three weeks are filled with traveling and family time. i can not wait.
not making me smile // the difference of mine and the misters schedules are really beginning to get to us. these next few days do not look promising. think happy thoughts!
playing // john butler trio: what you want. this is a live, kind of faster than the original but still just as beautiful version of the song that reminds me of driving around back country roads in tennessee with carter squeezing my hand. those are memories that draw me into the idea of moving back.
playing // m83: i guess i'm floating. something about this time of year i suppose. it always brings me to a happy place.

**hoping to be back to regular posting soon and very soon. til' then! xo

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