on thursday we took our third annual day-trip to hilton head. each year, carter's oldest sister and her husband take a mini-trip to a lovely condo on the island to celebrate beth's birthday. and we started making the trip to visit once we moved to charleston. just a "quick" two hour drive.... we look forward to this trip every year. the first visit, eli was only four months old. and that following year, he came running out with his "i'm gonna be a big brother" t-shirt. we were the first to hear the news about little miles flynn. and now, a year later at five months old, he is here with us too! so this place holds pretty special memories in our hearts. we had lunch at a new spot that wasn't too impressive. swam around the freezing indoor pool, then waded in the hot tub (which for the record, was like bath water and not too hot) oh and jim's pool bar! but the main thing we wanted was to give beth and nick some time to enjoy to themselves. so we offered to watch the boys at various times of the day. eli is just infatuated with his uncle carter and he is a big fan of his too. i watched miles mainly. cause he was bound to need a diaper change or spit up at some point, right?! we had an early dinner on the harbor and picked up a few cupcakes for dessert. before we knew it, it was nine, the boys were sleeping and we had to get on the road. it will only be two months til we see them at thanksgiving, but it's always tough saying goodbye. and knowing how much they will grow over those sixty odd days. 

and i just have to add about the trip home so i do not forget. the highway was pitch black. it was around ten and we were about an hour away from home when we noticed the thousands of stars in the sky. so clear it was like looking at the milky galaxies swirling right above you. we put a good playlist on, opened the moon roof on the car and sang at the top of our lungs. just one of those moments....

have a fantastic weekend!


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