the last six days have just been amazing and were spent in my hometown of nashville, tennessee. 

we flew in wednesday afternoon and were immediately surprised when both of our dads were there waiting on us. we got as many hugs in as we could before carter's pop had to head back to knoxville. the weather was a glorious 75 degrees and it felt great to be home. we made a quick stop by mom's office because there was no way i could wait any longer to see her! we grabbed lunch and a tower of fat tire at drake's. stopped by the market to pick up tomatoes and mums. and with the weekend officially kicking off the season, the pumpkins are out and ready for fall. franklin is gorgeous this time of year and i made sure to keep an eye out for any vacant homes. 

thursday we had the day to ourselves. we started the morning at the famous loveless cafe. we had peach and honey jam with biscuits and the cheesiest hashbrown casserole in town. we wandered around the gift shop and the dreamy loveless barn before heading into town for a few hours. we drove around the neighborhood i grew up in and i pointed out every memorable place we passed. carter met up with my dad while i got a quick haircut...actually, there was nothing quick about it (sorry love, you're such a trooper). afterwards, we picked up oreo milkshakes from bobby's dairy dip and stopped by to visit with my grandmother, who can make anyone's day better. 

friday, we spent the early morning in leiper's fork with dad. we got a quick bite to eat at puckett's grocery and walked around the cute little town. i think it may have been both of our favorites. small, homey and close to my family... sign me up! 

more to come!

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