zoo crew // zebras // flamingos // savannah brushing a goat
petting baby goats // sweet babies // sleeping beauty // self explanatory ;)
bobby's dairy dip // cute boy // menu // pick up window
groove record shop // inside groove  // the basement // grimey's 
grandma and me // photo by savannah // uncle and mom circa 1980 // wine tasting 

this weekend was a blur for me. from a surprise wine tasting to a weekend sleepover. time just flew by and the weekend was gone before i knew it. really that's how my whole trip felt. as i'm sitting here in charleston and wishing i could rewind back to last wednesday and do the whole thing all over again. it felt so good to be home. and to be honest, i've had a tough time readjusting these past few days. you really do appreciate things differently over time. sigh

happy friday!


  1. These photos are So good. I know the feeling though, you're like where did my weekend just go?! Cruz and I flew for a week to New Zealand last year and when we got back it felt like we had just left, kind of annoying- it's like we needed a month away to feel like any type of holiday at all! I guess it's harder now that you're back away from your home though but hopefully you'll be able to get back into routine quickly :)

    1. Thank you so much! New Zealand sounds like a wonderful trip :) And yes, a true vacation should last atleast a month to feel sufficient. xo


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