on friday we spent a few hours on folly. i forgot how much more i enjoyed the beach once september comes around. with the current alcohol ban and the first week of classes underway the beaches were nearly empty. we parked at the end of the island and explored the abandoned structures and damaged piers from last summer's hurricane. it was so vacant it was almost eerie. and we were more than likely not supposed to be there. we mostly sat with our feet in the water and enjoyed the salty breeze. until the short attention span took over and we found ourselves scanning the shore for shells before heading back home. i wish it were possible for us to live in two places at once. like charleston with it's beaches and some other mountain town. i can only come up with places in washington or oregon and that's like reaaally far away. (what am i thinking?) so thankful for these days with you love. even when i'm not acting like it!

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