tough decisions // summer beach sunset // tiny dream car // secret courtyard
beautiful day // hilton harbor // modcloth fashion challenge // homemade blts
running // towers // blueberry pancakes for dinner // sweet boy
afternoon walk // long talks // finding beauty // all around
baroni's // pizza and beers // impatient // laundry outcome

--i am SO excited for today. i've been counting down for months and it's finally here! we are running last minute errands, getting our little turtles taken care of (we will miss them!) packing and more packing. seriously, there are eight pairs of my shoes sitting by my suitcase wondering who will make the cut...we will be heading to the airport shortly and will be in nashville in just a few hours! this week is going to be so much fun and i can't wait to see my family!

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  1. I'm particularly obsessed with that polka dotted dress! I need it!


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