iced coffee // rainy day record playin' // happy lady // best pizza in the world (i'd say)
casual summer style // big lebowski mug // homemade chocolate chip pancakes
boulevard // harry potter + afternoon nap // diner dates part I and II
favorite maxi skirt // love filled kitchen // baking with a new plate // dinner date

another whirlwind week over here. i am not sure if the days are suddenly shorter or all this rain is slowly taking over my brain. it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating carter's birthday, then i blinked and it's september. seriously, where did the month of august go... it has really been a wild month. maybe from working long hours and the few roadtrips we took. the lack of sun--- i am all for stormy summer days, we get excited to wear raingear around here. but i think it rained 25/31 days last month and that is a lot for two people who moved to the beach and enjoy being outdoors. thanks, hurricane season. so i've been indoors. and saving money. and house hunting. and school researching. and life can slow down at any moment please. 

now playing //  christina perri and jason mraz: distance. i have enjoyed listening to these two for years but then they do this. isn't jm cute with his barefeet and earthy essence. and christina, i just adore her. really.  and i live vicariously through her tattoos and instagram.
now playing // the raconteurs: steady as she goes. jack white. that's all.
now playing // bon iver: towers. it's so beautiful i can hardly stand it. the actual song begins around 1:30  but the entire video is so breathtaking. if i could close my eyes and picture my life flashing by, it would look a little something like this.



  1. Those pancakes look delicious :) And I agree, why did August go so fast?!

  2. I love these and I'm so so so so SO jealous of your beautiful hair. I have such trouble with mine- it gets to just below my shoulders and then it stops, what's your secret?! haha

    1. Aw, thank you kindly! Im not really sure as to a secret, I exercise and/or work everyday so I usually wash it daily which is not great but necessary. I try and stay away from heat and the straightener. But i definitely would recommend adding biotin to help promote healthy hair growth!


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