one of my favorite places on earth, target, has featured a few vintage-esque shops for the season. i am loving patch nyc and the curiousity shoppe. carter and i both have found several little additions for our home in recent visits to the store. we are picking up every home item we can these days, in moderation of course. i try not to buy things for full price but some of these items were too good to wait on and will sell out fast. does this place drain anyone else's wallet or is it just me? 



  1. Just found your blog. It is darling! I am totally with ya on the home decor stuff. Target has some awesome things, but they are a little wallet-draining. I feel like some things are pretty expensive. We are working on filling up our home too. It definitely takes a WHILE. We have been here a year and are pretty much done with just one room (and it's not even really done..) haha. It takes FOREVER.

  2. No way, I'll have to check that out. This picture is just perfect. Love all the little trinkets ;)
    xo TJ


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