life has been nothing short of "interesting" around here and for many, many reasons. mostly due to the fact that while carter spent a week with bronchitus and i attempted NOT to get sick, reality slapped me in the face when i woke up with strepp throat the following week. needless to say, there has been quite a bit of laziness going on around here and with an impending move lurching in the shadows, there's just not a lot of time for that. speaking of which, last week we both let our jobs know about our plans of re-locating. and it felt glorious to get that off my chest. while under the weather, we got a lot accomplished in the tv world... not only did we watch the entire first season of once upon a time and became slightly obsessed, we also caught up on every other show we're invested in (30rock, parks&rec, vampire diaries, new girl, etc.) our appetites also did a complete 180 during this time. and after almost two weeks of the smallest meals known to was time for a change. 

so on thursday, our only day off together and the first day my fever wasn't threatening, we decided to treat ourselves to a little lunch date. we drove to james island to take care of an errand and while in the area decided to hit up smoky oak taproom for lunch. we picked delicious pumpkin ales and pulled pork sandwiches with all the fixins'. and ho-ly cannolis were they good...

after lunch, i needed a little cat nap. it's funny to even think that eating could have exhausted me the way it did, but while he played video games, i fell into a food coma. flash forward an hour or so, i finally awoke and we decided to spend the evening on a haunted adventure. it was our first time visiting a haunted house together and while carter's hand is still recovering from my sweaty death-grip, i am still giggling at his startled screams. i don't see us paying much in the future again for one of these experiences. i was all for it until riiiight when we started "the asylum"....yeah, not for me. but we ended the night on a haunted hayride and i secretly enjoyed hiding in carter's arms, so i'm okay with that ;)


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