with each passing day it looks as though the mister and i will be making our way back to the mountains in tennessee. (more on that at a later date.) so with every free moment, we are seeking out charleston's finest. on friday we spent the morning downtown. we walked around the lovely waterfront park where the "pineapple fountain" can be seen. and we sat on the pier watching the birds fly over the peaceful harbor. in these moments, i struggle with the decision to move away from this beautiful place. but i just keep telling myself, "you can always return." before i could get too somber, we grabbed pumpkin spiced lattes and drove around the historic district relishing in the cool breeze coming off the shore. it's time to start searing the memories of every piece of this town. 



  1. love the pineapple fountain! and love walking out on the pier! the good thing about living here in east tennessee is that charleston isn't too far away. makes for a great little weekend getaway!


    1. thank goodness! because i am sure as soon as i am back in knoxville, i will be ready for a weekend here! xo


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