while every one is preparing for fall and cooler temperatures (myself included) carter is doing the exact opposite. with the slight possibility of it being our last few months in charleston, just temporarily, this boy is taking advantage of every last drop of summer. whether it be biking to work or hitting the beach, we are doing a lot of outdoor activities these days and i'm not complaining one bit. last week we took the kayaks to a little hidden slip used only by nearby locals. we paddled out with the tide into the atlantic intercoastal waterway. the water was calm and soothing until we heard loud splashes of water coming from a few yards behind us. now, i'm on an alligator kick currently, so i may or may not have gone into a slight panic. i'm told the biggest animal in these waters are usually manatee. (because seeing or falling on to a huge but naturally calm animal sounds a lot better...) we concluded the splashing was most likely the work of hungry dolphin chasing around schools of fish and either way, paddled away not to disturb any one. we fished for a while and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. paddling back against the tide proved to be a little more challenging and even frustrating at times. but overall, the trip was a success. we may not have caught any fish but great times like these remind me that i have the best catch of the day! :) 

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