you see the sun as it sets to the west
its sky all ablaze
as darkness begins
stillness of the evening air brings you peace
because at the end of the horizon
I wait with desire, unrivaled and true
send me your strength to complete my day
the beautiful sky will long be remembered
as a symbol of my affection
my heart’s on fire, it's like the sun

a few nights ago we packed up a picnic and warm sweaters and went to the beach to watch the sunset. in the two years we have lived at the beach, we've only been able to do this a few times. he works days, i work nights. so when this opportunity arrived, we took full advantage. the clouds were rolling in quickly. but we got to watch the sun descend over downtown pushing rays of magenta and blood orange onto the shore. we sat for awhile and watched ships sail into the distance. we let the cool waves wash over our feet and watched hundreds of fish jump out of the water. and at that time we realized, it was definitely supper time, for us and the fish.

**we're heading to hilton head this afternoon to spend a couple of days with carter's parents, figure out some moving plans and relax in our favorite home away from home. ill be back soon with too many photos and five pounds heavier :) 


  1. I envy you for being able to live on the beach and capture some of the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen! But have fun at Hilton Head, pretty! Good luck with the moving plans!

  2. These images are stunning. I love your photography!! I an so jealous you get to live on the coast!! Lucky

  3. That first picture, perfection. Sounds like the perfect date with your man. I'm glad you both found a time to enjoy that incredible sunset!

  4. This is absolutely GORGEOUS. Where do you two live? I especially love the picture of the ship and the sunset. Its breathtaking. Well I'm glad you two could have a little couple picnic time. Hope it was good. And enjoy your time off :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) We currently live in South Carolina.

  5. this is beautiful. i want to try out the carolinas/east coast.


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