the past week has been pretty quiet around here. carter has been home and fighting a nasty chest cold all week and i've been trying my best to look after him while crossing my fingers that i don't catch his bug. (seriously, i'm knocking on a wooden table, again.) when i was younger, i couldn't be anywhere near someone who was sick without becoming twice as bad as them. the common cold woud turn into bronchitus and combined with a lifetime of asthma, my little lungs just never had a chance. but ever since i started running and attempting a healthier lifestyle, i have felt my immune system slowly but surely improving and that has been the greatest motivator. 

the weather has been unbelievable here the past few days. so after breakfast in bed and a full morning of rest, we took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and went to pick out our pumpkin. boone hall plantation (you may have heard of it recently...think blake lively & ryan reynolds wedding) is one of our favorite places in charleston. and there really is no better way of getting into the fall spirit. this place has hundreds of bright orange pumpkins lining the fields, vintage tractors, games for kids and the savory smell of fresh kettle corn. it didn't take long for us to find "our" perfect pumpkin but we enjoyed walking through the decorated tents and breathing in the harvest air. 

|| my current fall playlist ||

the head and the heart // down in the valley.
florence and the machine // never let me go.
lana del ray // born to die.
coldplay // yellow



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