so, it happened. i caught whatever icky sickness carter had. i've been drinking lots of warm things attempting to soothe my scratchy, swollen throat. and my main goal for today? < R E S T >  that's right. i will be curled up in my favorite quilt all day attempting to lower my fever. i've got quite a few movies lined up for the day and some homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove. because it's about the only thing i can get down these days. and i must start feeling better soon so i can enjoy my only day off with the boy coming up. but for now, i hope you will enjoy these tunes i've been playing on repeat this week. 

now playing // fleet foxes: white winter hymnal. this song is perfect for the cool autumn breeze that is becoming more common around charleston. oh, how i love the fall. 
now playing // neil young: harvest moon. hey all you moon seekers. for me, this song brings back a flood of memories from highschool and college, sitting around a table with friends playing this song. my friend andy, you can read more about him here, loved singing this song and i can still hear him doing so to this day. 
now playing // the civil wars: NPR music tiny desk. if you love the civil wars like myself, i urge you to take a few minutes to watch their music tiny desk concert for npr. seriously, can they be more talented...or gorgeous (hello, johnny depp look alike) 

so i've got a movie marathon and a cute nurse calling my name. 
hope you're healthy and having a wonderful week!


  1. Love these tunes, music twin. ;) Especially the Fleet Foxes! Always, always been a fan.

    1. I see meeting up at a random concert in our future :)


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