tonight we visited our local county fair. this was a first for us and i have been looking forward to going since opening day, which is when we should have gone but after a couple of hours worth of traffic, we finally made it. we wandered through the fair grounds, shuffling through the thousands of people, admiring the lights and the smell of fried food. we rode the ferris wheel and had a little elena + stefan moment, swoon. but really, it was such an unforgettable moment and feeling. we grabbed delicious corn dogs and shared a table with the sweetest family. and last but not least, picked up some vintage candy for the ride home. the fair was a little overwhelming at times but it was such a special first for us and i can't wait to do it again. 


  1. i really do love fairs. i love the rides and the food and more so, i love people-watching! you always see quite the crowd at fairs, haha.


    1. hahaha, ooh girl! imagine ten thousand of those interesting people. i didn't want to sound too ugly but man oh man! i walked around the knox fair a few years ago and ofcourse that was quite the crowd...this was like five times bigger and crazier! hahaha, we basically people-watched the whole time! :)


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