thanksgiving morning i woke up early to the sun shining in through the living room windows. when i am home, i sleep on the couch. always... it's just my thing. my pup, king bailey, was barking and both of my parents were there, surfing the channels for the thanksgiving day parade. everything felt perfect, waking up at home and happy. again, minus the fact that my brother and boyfriend were both in the east tennessee mountains and i was missing them. 

my dad made coffee and i grabbed my mama's cute giraffe mug for my morning cup. after the parade, we watched we bought a zoo. it was adorable and had a pretty great soundtrack filled with sigur ros and jonsi. i went for a morning jog around the neighborhood with the hopes of burning a few of the extra calories i'd be consuming over the next few days. the colors were breathtaking. the autumn foliage was in full force. bright reds + crisp oranges in comparison to the hazy blue sky. while mom went to pick up my grandmother, who was recovering from a recent surgery, i helped my dad wash and detail my car. once they were back, we started preparing our thanksgiving feast and waited for family to arrive. 

the afternoon was filled with laughter and too much food. we had all of the thanksgiving basics: turkey, stuffing, mac + cheese, etc... and lots of pumpkin and chess pie! yum! my cousins spent the next two nights with me. we caught up over chocolate chip cookies and lots of movies. we did our yearly tradition of seeing the twilight film in theaters. we always enjoy it a little more when we're together. 

saturday morning came all too quickly. but i had to get on the road early and go pick my boy up! i was so happy to see him. while he was a little under the weather, i let him rest while i drove us through asheville. we stopped and picked up an oreo blizzard which was absolutely delicious. and tried to keep each other's spirits up on our long journey back to charleston. we will be making this long drive in just two short weeks as we say goodbye to the east coast and head back to tennessee for an extended stay. part of me is filled with excitement to spend more quality time with our friends and loved ones. but i know we will truly miss this place that helped us grow so much. hopefully some day, we will return. 

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