just like every year before, i will more than likely obsess over breaking dawn for at least another month. i know my wallet is somewhat thankful for my busy schedule or else i would be tempted to see it every other day. especially since my friends know to ask me if they need someone to see it with....and they have been. luckily, i only have to wait til the end of the week and i'll be seeing it with my mom and cousins. something that has become one of my favorite thanksgiving traditions.

today, i worked a double. which meant more or less standing around for the better half of the morning. i was thrilled when i noticed a few books in the trunk of my car and naturally picked up twilight. it just felt right with all of my current excitement to begin re-reading it on what felt like the coldest and rainiest day of the year. one customer even said it was seattle weather... and i was gleaming on the inside.

you better believe i am keeping an eye out for a deal on flights to washington. i have practically begged carter to visit forks with me. and i'm serious when i say that it's not for anything twilight related. i just love that town. and if my family was a wee bit closer, i could easily see us living in a little cottage right outside of the woods. and who knows, maybe one day, we will! :)


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