wednesday morning i woke to the sun rising. while carter packed my car, i finished a few things around the house and brewed some coffee for the long day ahead of us. we listened to a few of our favorite pandora stations and sang until we needed a few minutes of silence. while carter concentrated on driving through the mountains, i caught up on some reading. this literature book from college is still one of my favorites. i took the time to remind carter of how incredibly thankful for him i am. being from two different cities, however luckily in the same state, we have spent the last four thanksgivings apart. it's only for a few short days, but they deem to be the longest days of the year for me. and being seperated from something you are most thankful for, well that's tough. i dropped the boy off in knoxville and spent a few minutes visiting with the family and our sweet nephews before finishing the drive solo to nashville. as i was pulling into my parent's neighborhood, the sun was setting over franklin. there were deer roaming around and the crisp autumn air reminded me i was finally home. i spent the evening catching up with my parents over pizza and beer. quite the start to the holiday break. 


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