this week has been dreary. the temperature has gradually been dropping and there are threatening clouds above my head. my keurig has been a blessing this past year although i have finally succombed to the addiction which is coffee. i have fallen into a routine. every morning, filling the kitchen with the smoky aroma of a dark, italian roast and preparing carter's thermos to take with him to work. and with these cold temperatures, there is nothing better than a warm cup to start my day while catching up on emails. unfortunately, he used our last cup the other day while i was summoned into work early. however thankfully, it gave me an excuse to pick up some tasty peppermint mochas while out shooting yesterday morning. it took every ounce of will power i had not to pick up a frosted snowman cookie at ten a.m as well. i haven't been able to run as often as i'd like, cold weather is not nice to my bones. thanks to years of aggresive sports and a mother who suffers from lupus. and with all of this rain, i may as well be in washington. still dreaming i guess... 


  1. I myself have found myself addicted to coffee haha. Love the blog :)

    1. I finally get all of the hype ;) Thanks for following! xo


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