remember me saying i'd be doing some last minute costume shopping.... well here is the result of my procrastination and hard work. sadly, i couldn't pull together the couple's costume we had been planning on since november 1st of last year... procastination at it's finest. but i do however think our costumes ended up just fine. and so did a lot of the crazies we ran into last night. somewhere between the bar next door and our place, i lost my arrows. but i'm also pretty confident that i stayed in character and showed them just how badass miss katniss everdeen is as they were caught stealing our friend's money. (we won't even get into that) and can anyone guess who carter ended up being... think paul rudd + sex panther. i seriously had to do a double take several times throughout the night, i loved his wig. our halloween was memorable and we had such a good time with our friends bria and taylor, who went as "love bugs." how cute is that? ps... please ignore our messy kitchen. (moving madness, costume remnants and carter's shoes all over...but that's just normal!)  ;)

hope you all had a happy halloween
and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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