this week's overload of tunes are dedicated to a few of my favorite songs 
featured over the years in the twilight saga. 
|| only two more days ||
until i am giggling, gasping, sighing, and sobbing away
go ahead, laugh all you want...
but while you do, give these a listen. 
they will not disappoint!

now playing // the black ghosts: full moon. this song reminds me of forks. my mom played it no less than fifty times while we were there. she's the cutest. [twilight]
now playing // iron and wine: flightless bird, american mouth. this song has soothed me to sleep numerous times. [twilight]
now playing // grizzy bear: slow life. i may not be jumping off any cliffs to this, but i do love driving down a dark highway while listening to it. [new moon]
now playing // bon iver feat. st. vincent: roslyn. just came across this video filmed in north georgia. it's no forest like in washington, but still includes the beautiful outdoors. [new moon]
now playing // florence and the machine: heavy in your arms. love, love, love this song. this girl is incredible and this video is dark and fitting. [eclipse]
now playing // the black keys: chop and change. this is one of my favorite bands hailing from my hometown of nashville. you can only imagine my excitement during the opening scene of [eclipse].
now playing // sleeping at last: turning page. the song that turned all of our cold hearts to jello. seriously, perfect lyrics and perfect placement. and did you know jeremy larson, husband to the beautiful elsie larson of a beautiful mess wrote a huge part of the composition?! [breaking dawn]

so there are enough songs here to get you through the rest of this week, sorry for the overload. but if there is one thing i've heard a thousand times it's this... "the movies stink but the soundtracks are awesome." ouch... only because i'm biased with loving the films too. but those people are right. the soundtracks are incredible. 

hope you enjoy these tunes!
are you planning on seeing the film? 



  1. pardon my french but HOLY SHIT I'M EXCITED!! i listen to all of these songs throughout my week. seriously though, the entire twilight saga soundtracks are amazing. full moon is one of my favorites. roslyn, too.

    i'm so pumped for thursday. like, pumped to the verge of puking. my boyfriend thinks i'm crazy, but i'm very passionate about things! this being one of them!!


    1. I'm so glad someone is as twi-crazy as myself :) I'm passionate about silly things such as these. PUMPED!!!

  2. I currently own every single Twilight soundtrack AND movie, so it's safe to say I love both! When I found out Bon Iver would have a part of it, I was sold. But by now, I'm sure you've seen the new movie... so I hope it was AMAZING! I can't wait to see it!


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