+ january, carter underwent a major surgery that left him home bound for over a month.
+ february, we explored cade's cove and enjoyed the mountain air. 
+ march, we spent time visiting some of charleston's finest rooftops. 
+ april, we met our nephew, miles flynn. (double swoon)
+ may, we celebrated our anniversary on the beach with friends. 
+ june, we traveled to nashville to celebrate a special life. 
+ july, i found out i was high risk melanoma and thankfully, in time for surgery.
+ august, we celebrated carter's 25th birthday kayaking the intercoastal waterways. 
+ september, we watched sunsets on the beach. 
+ october, we indulged in everything pumpkins... patches, lattes, and pie!
+ november, we hiked through the forest and made to-do lists of national forests to visit. 
+ december, we moved back to tennessee, spent christmas with family, and i turned 25! 

-- this past year has been filled with lots of love, laughs, tears and growth. i have no idea what the future holds for us. but i'm thinking it's going to be great! 

happy new year to you all! xo - s. 


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous year. Hope this next one is just as good to you. (PS. Happy birthday for last week!) x

  2. It's been a lot of fun following along with you and your adventures this past year! I'm looking forward to seeing more sweet endeavors this year! xo

  3. These are such lovely pics, especially the water/lake/ocean ones! You look so cute holding that BIG pumpkin :) Excited to be a new follow friend! Hope all is well!



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