well... someone will have to roll me back to tennessee. do you see all the food i've been consuming this last week? i'm calling this time "no diet december." i've also been running about two miles a day in attempt to counteract some of the extra calories. we've been saying goodbye to not only some of favorite friends but also our favorite restaurants. 

+ breakfast at page's okra grill.
+ sushi at bambu with a few other "sarah's" i know
+ melvin's barbecue
+ mike's bike oyster roast // going away party

this morning carter picked up the uhaul and we were lucky to have a friend help pack up most of the apartment. i went out and grabbed lunch for us all, which we enjoyed on the living room floor. the rest of the day will be spent finishing packing the truck and deep cleaning. i have a few movies for us to watch on my laptop once things settle down. and we should be on the road by noon tomorrow! this is my last post while living in charleston. it's been an amazing few years...

nashville, here we come! 


  1. Moving is always super exciting because you get to "start over", so to speak. Hope everything is going smoothly for you two!

  2. we visited Nashville on our honeymoon, and I absolutely fell in love with that city in the couple of days we were here. hope it's good to you and the move goes good and safe!

  3. Oh dear, I can definitely relate to overeating before a big move. You've got to get all that delicious food in while you still can! I hope you enjoy Nashville. I've never been but would love to check it out one day!


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