christmas eve is one of my favorite nights to look forward to. each year, my mom's side of the family gets together to celebrate and spend the evening laughing and stuffing our faces until we can barely stand. we spent some twenty odd years at my grandmother's house until we were all a little too grown up to squeeze together in a tiny living room. tonight we celebrated at my parent's home which allowed for some extra space. the only real difference was my missing cousin, whom was stuck at work. seriously, everyone should be able to be with family during the holidays. we watched my niece open her gifts and admired her classic expressions. us "kids" hung around listening to my dad tell stories about his childhood and making new year's plans. after everyone left, we picked up and all settled on the couch together. my dad made hot chocolate and we watched christmas vacation by the fire. now it's just me and my younger brother and our traditional christmas sleepover. we're all excited for tomorrow around here. especially me, since carter's coming home. our first actual christmas spent together. goodnight!

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