we spent a few days in knoxville with carter's family before reaching our final temporary destination of franklin. we got our things unpacked, caught up on much needed rest and spent some quality time with his folks. we got the turtles set up for the winter, grabbed an orange julius one afternoon and carter got his annual haircut. we were also lucky enough to spend time with the boys. we watched a charlie brown christmas and covered the kitchen with flour while baking holiday treats. somewhere right before heading to nashville, i caught a cold. once we were home and settled, it hit me with full force. i spent the next five days battling a fever, sore throat and zero sleep. it was the flu... and yes, i got a flu shot before leaving charleston. oh, modern day medicine. i'm finally sleeping through the night and almost rid of this awful winter cough. i also finally left the house. and since the world didn't end yesterday, it's time to do some holiday shopping. hooray.....

hope you all are having a wonderful winter break!

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