this weekend has been full of a state of nostalgia. our time here is quickly coming to an end. i know in my heart that if this is where we are meant to be, we will find our way back here. but for a few months, i just need to be closer to family and finish my degree. 

yesterday, i worked my last shift with osi. i've been with the company for over six years and walking out, i was filled with a mixture of emotions ranging from anxious to ecstatic. i said goodbye to some wonderful people who have made me feel like family. so far, that was the hardest part. 

today is carter's last day. and i know he is feeling the same. mostly, unsure of where we will end up once we are back in tennessee. to say we are kind of "winging it" would be an understatement. but that's how we ended up in charleston and it has definitely served us well. tonight his boss is throwing a little oyster roast // bonfire for us and we couldn't feel more loved. 

charleston, you have been so good to us over the last two years. 
this isn't a goodbye. we will see you again someday. 

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