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this afternoon after traveling over six hundred miles with loaded down cars, a huge uhaul and two turtles literally strapped in by seatbelts, we pulled into our final destination in tennessee. my parents have offered to let us stay here with them in franklin while we are figuring out our plan. eventually, we see ourselves settling down near the smokey mountains but first we must find jobs and a home. until then, we will be doing some temporary work here, saving some money and spending much needed quality time with our families. 

lately, i have been humming this tune in my head. it was one of the first songs that came on my pandora as i was pulling out of charleston and the emotions of our situation overwhelmed me. we have always seen ourselves as wanderers. taking a job that will force us to travel or to move every few years. ofcourse, plans change in an instant. but these are the things we dream about. and this song tugs at every string in my heart. together, we are not alone. we have each other and we will make a home no matter where we are or end up. 

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