+ exploring amish country
+ winter hikes and an abundance of hot chocolate
+ warm afternoon sun
+ snow covered trees
+ my forever love
+ the best bloody mary at flat branch pub
+ below my feet
+ snow covered lakes
+ celebrating twenty-six at the titans game
+ sweet mama to be, kelly ann
+ coffee dates in franklin
+ for always
+ christmas lovin'
ivey cupcakes
+ dreamy ride
+ ringing in the new year 


on my last day in missouri, we got six inches of snow. flights were cancelled, hot chocolate was made and we set out into the woods. i never knew i could love snow this much. it transforms the earth into a magical place. suddenly, you are chasing each other through the trees. having snowball fights. falling into the snow countless times. and you find yourself falling in love all over again. and it's the greatest feeling in the world. 

so i welcome you wholeheartedly winter. and many, many more days like this. 


we woke up this morning to the ground covered with an inch or two of snow. we've been crossing our fingers for this day for weeks and it finally happened. we bundled up and hit the road in search of more snow. we decided to visit the cozy town of hannibal, missouri. we stopped along the way at the mark twain lake when we realized it was frozen over. we don't get many frozen bodies of water in the south, so it was entertaining until my fingers were frozen. once we made it into town, the snow started falling again. first, we stopped into java jive on main street for a warm drink. we sat by the window and watched the streets turn white. we window shopped, read historic markers and walked up and down the snowy sidewalk. these are the kind of days you write home about...

all photos taken with an iphone.


+ a coffee margarita date.
+ catching up with kelly, lauren + amber.
+ opening night // nashville predators with dad.
+ an afternoon picnic at arrington vineyards.
+ river stompin' out in leiper's fork.
+ one of the best sunsets i've ever seen.

a few of my favorite memories while visiting home.