a few days ago i celebrated my 25th birthday here in nashville with my family and friends. the day felt so surreal from sun up to sun down. i was still recovering from that nasty flu that i subsequently passed along to others in the house, sorry fam! however, i woke up to one of my favorite songs playing, happy birthday, by the beatles and was smiling from ear to ear. 

i really can't express how happy i was to be home. my dad brewed coffee and we ate a light breakfast together. carter and i spent the morning birthday shopping at a few of my favorite stores before heading into nashville to meet my brother and his girlfriend for lunch. did i mention, IT WAS SNOWING!!! it was as if every christmas and birthday wish from years passed had waited until this day and it was perfect! we grabbed lunch at the pharmacy in east nashville. while the boys enjoyed a beer or two, us girls went for milkshakes and orange dreamsicles! our meal was delicious and i could have taken more tator tots to go :) when we left, we enjoyed the heavy snow fall... the pictures do absolutely no justice whatsoever. we spent the rest of the day relaxing until going to dinner and a movie later that night. 

i am so thankful for carter and my family who made me feel so loved and my day feel so special! 
and thank you all very much for the well wishes and comments. i appreciate each and every one of you.

ps... do you see that incredible cake my mom had for me, complete with a buzzlightyear ring?! and my dad came out with a red velvet cake too! they are just the best, i tell ya. but they better help me eat all of it...


  1. Cute pictures! And happy birthday!!!

  2. Love your pics! Those tator tots look soooo YUMMY! How wonderful that your family was able to make your day so special! Happy be-lated Birthday!!



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