we spent monday afternoon readying ourselves for our first nhl experience together. for any of you hockey lovers, like my family, after 139 days of the nhl lockout, we were ecstatic this day was finally here. my dad was kind enough to lend us his tickets for the night and even let carter leave work early! we parked near the arena and set off to explore a little bit of downtown nashville. we didn't last outside for too long seeing as the high was only around 25 degrees. but we did wander around cummins station and the frist center before heading into the flying saucer for lunch and an afternoon beer or three. afterwards, as the sun was setting over town we made our way to the arena. it was an exciting game against the st. louis blues however they beat us by 1 point in a shootout. still, we had the best time. 


  1. I've always wanted to go to nashvile. It's on my fiancé and I's bucket list once we get this whole wedding thing out of the way. Gorgeous photos!


    1. Oh, congratulations on wedding planning :) Nashville would be a great weekend getaway! xx

  2. These photos are so nice, the color and everything!

  3. we are (kind of) neighbors. i live in huntsville, alabama. :)


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