01 // "i'm getting ready" - michael kiwanuka 
02 // "sweet pea" - amos lee
03 // "hearts content" - brandi carlile
04 // "cover your tracks" - a boy and his kite
05 // "honey come home" - the head and the heart

i spent most of the afternoon sitting next to a fire, brainstorming ideas for handmade goodies to send out. 
while the wind whirled and cold rain fell outside the door, here's what played in my house today. enjoy! 


last weekend we spent the majority of saturday working downtown. afterwards, we were both weak and weary so we stopped by melrose to grab some bloody marys and brunch. it was miserably cold so i wasn't too bummed out about missing our weekly hike. instead, we hit up jack white's shop third man records. it is filled with old vinyls, custom diana cameras and the infamous photo booth. along with all of gold records lining the hallway to his studio. while carter sorted through the stack of records, i chatted with an employee about toy cameras and how our moms are equally smitten with mr. white. we picked up a few shirts, stickers and vinyls before heading home. we both can't wait to visit again.

credit // utg for a clearer interior photo
credit // marykate mcdevitt for the nashville print


one of our resolutions this year was to hike every opportunity we could get.
every weekend unless it has snowed or been below thirty degrees which there has been a few...
we have packed a bag and headed for the woods. some firewood, a lunch, and extra layers.
while in nashville, we have chosen a new place to discover each week.
this is bowie nature park. we hiked around six miles through the chilly trees.
but my favorite part was this hidden creek where we stopped to explore.

you can see part one, here.


01 // 02 // 03

happy love day to you! we are celebrating another valentines day over here with a low-key evening at home. carter works long hours throughout the day and living in nashville is busy enough as it is, let alone on the one night people feel obliged to get out of the house. while i wouldn't love anything more than to grab dinner at one of our favorite cozy spots or to go see safe haven, i know half of nashville will be out doing these things and i'm just not one for crowded places. instead, we will celebrate all weekend long together. with a little roller skating, a movie here, and dinner there. but for tonight, we will just relax. open the handmade cards we made for each other and the extra goodies that come along with this overly sweet day. there will be heart shaped balloons and probably pancakes too. oh and lounging around under my favorite heart shaped garland whilst listening to our favorite lovey-tunes. 

here's our valentine's day playlist:

01 // "sparks" - coldplay
02 // "the girl" - city and colour
03 // "strangers in the night" - cake 
04 // "together" - the raconteurs 
05 // "i will" - the beatles 
06 // "can't help falling in love" - ingrid michaelson
07 // "i've been loving you too long" - otis redding 
08 // "something" - the beatles 
09 // "last leaf" - ok go
10 // "love and some verses" - iron and wine
11 // "make you feel my love" - adele 
12 // "forever" - john stamos .... yes, that just happened :) 

if you need some songs to help get you in the spirit or just for some background music throughout your day, enjoy this little list. especially that last song. 
hellooo full house fans! 

with love, from me to you! xo


01 //  "only one" - the black keys
02 // "love interruption" - jack white
03 // "pull me down" - mikky ekko
04 // "what the water gave me" - florence + the machine
05 // "hold on" - alabama shakes
06 // "ophelia" - the band

i was thrilled to watch a few of my favorite bands perform, be nominated and win at the grammys. my little heart was filled with joy watching mumford and the lumineers. and seeing fellow nashvillians like jack white, the black keys, and alabama shakes rocked! but one of the best moments of the night had to be the tribute to levon helm [drummer and singer for the band] and seeing so many talented musicians singing their most recognizable hit, the weight. if you watched the grammy tribute, i highly recommend watching this version as well. and yes, that's the same woman from the grammy performance! enjoy!


on saturday we did a six mile hike around bowie nature center.
the weather was just wonderful. plenty of warm sunshine with a constant cool breeze.
we chose this location to stay closer to home and it was a perfect choice for the day.
our favorite spot was the little turnbull creek which is pictured above.


the way a crow
shook down on me
the dust of snow
from a hemlock tree

has given my heart
a change of mood
and saved some part
of a day i had rued

dust of snow // robert frost

we finally got our snow. after years of waiting, we woke up to the ground covered in a blanket of glistening snow. we slid across icy, abandoned roads. and walked through downtown hand in hand. we had a snowball fight in an empty alley. and i slipped on the ice and gave us both a good laugh. 


last week we snuck away for a day in the mountains. we packed a lunch and some firewood and set off to the smokies. i love this part of tennessee and can see us settling here for awhile. we made stops where there was still snow left on the ground and for every teensy waterfall we could find. a lot of the park is shut down not only for winter but due to a major landslide which has washed the road away. we collected unique "forest finds" as carter calls them and held hands crossing the cold little river. we hiked around the sinks and had a picnic before heading back to town. 

hopefully, if east tennessee is in our future. we will wind up 
working and living near the mountains. we really felt at home here. 


it was great to get back to the town i fell in love in. we spent most of last week in knoxville, tennessee. interviewing for jobs, filling out countless applications and visiting with family as much as we could. carter's dad was celebrating a special birthday so we were excited to be there with him. we put on our favorite playlists and drove down wooded back roads. while carter was at his interviews, i toured the wbir news station and sat in on a promotional meeting with one of his sisters, which was a lot more thrilling than it sounds. we sat in awe as we watched our nephews growing bigger by the day and caught a glimpse of what life might look like if we settle near the mountains. thanks for a great week, k town.