last weekend we spent the majority of saturday working downtown. afterwards, we were both weak and weary so we stopped by melrose to grab some bloody marys and brunch. it was miserably cold so i wasn't too bummed out about missing our weekly hike. instead, we hit up jack white's shop third man records. it is filled with old vinyls, custom diana cameras and the infamous photo booth. along with all of gold records lining the hallway to his studio. while carter sorted through the stack of records, i chatted with an employee about toy cameras and how our moms are equally smitten with mr. white. we picked up a few shirts, stickers and vinyls before heading home. we both can't wait to visit again.

credit // utg for a clearer interior photo
credit // marykate mcdevitt for the nashville print


  1. Oh awesome!! I love this, I am sorta obsessed with Jack White.

    1. Ah! Me too! He is always sighted around town, I just hope I don't fangirl out if I see him.

  2. Old vinyls and toy cameras? Sounds like a pretty lovely weekend to me! Can't tell you enough how much I love your Instagram feed! Always so bright and pretty. ;)

  3. Cute hat!! I am having hat jealousy right now!


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