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happy love day to you! we are celebrating another valentines day over here with a low-key evening at home. carter works long hours throughout the day and living in nashville is busy enough as it is, let alone on the one night people feel obliged to get out of the house. while i wouldn't love anything more than to grab dinner at one of our favorite cozy spots or to go see safe haven, i know half of nashville will be out doing these things and i'm just not one for crowded places. instead, we will celebrate all weekend long together. with a little roller skating, a movie here, and dinner there. but for tonight, we will just relax. open the handmade cards we made for each other and the extra goodies that come along with this overly sweet day. there will be heart shaped balloons and probably pancakes too. oh and lounging around under my favorite heart shaped garland whilst listening to our favorite lovey-tunes. 

here's our valentine's day playlist:

01 // "sparks" - coldplay
02 // "the girl" - city and colour
03 // "strangers in the night" - cake 
04 // "together" - the raconteurs 
05 // "i will" - the beatles 
06 // "can't help falling in love" - ingrid michaelson
07 // "i've been loving you too long" - otis redding 
08 // "something" - the beatles 
09 // "last leaf" - ok go
10 // "love and some verses" - iron and wine
11 // "make you feel my love" - adele 
12 // "forever" - john stamos .... yes, that just happened :) 

if you need some songs to help get you in the spirit or just for some background music throughout your day, enjoy this little list. especially that last song. 
hellooo full house fans! 

with love, from me to you! xo


  1. I can appreciate a low-key evening more than any other. Your plans sound sweet and perfect. Enjoy! P.S. I'm dying for that hello apparel sweatshirt in blue!

    1. Me too! I just can't part with 50 bucks right now!

  2. Sounds like a really fun weekend! I hope you end up going roller skating. I've seen these photos floating around on pinterest, and they're so adorable!

    1. Thanks Allison! Hope the wedding planning is going well. Looking forward to seeing the final outcome :)


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