it was great to get back to the town i fell in love in. we spent most of last week in knoxville, tennessee. interviewing for jobs, filling out countless applications and visiting with family as much as we could. carter's dad was celebrating a special birthday so we were excited to be there with him. we put on our favorite playlists and drove down wooded back roads. while carter was at his interviews, i toured the wbir news station and sat in on a promotional meeting with one of his sisters, which was a lot more thrilling than it sounds. we sat in awe as we watched our nephews growing bigger by the day and caught a glimpse of what life might look like if we settle near the mountains. thanks for a great week, k town. 


  1. I wouldn't mind waking up to mountains and trees in my backyard every morning. ;) But goodness! Look at how natural Carter is with the little one! Melts my heart!

    1. It's definitely a good alternative since we were used to waking up at the beach! Oh and my heart has literally been in a puddle since those babies were born. Baby-Crazy is an understatement!


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