For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.  John 6:40

how comforting is that? to know that we not only have a "new life" but an eternal life with him.
after a few weeks filled with questions and doubts, he simply says, "trust in me." and i hear the word patience. so i will be patient.

we spent easter together as a family. it rained for most of the day.
we hid brightly colored eggs around the house so my four year old "niece" could search for.
we enjoyed lots of comfort food and even more sweets. we watched the duke vs louisville game,
thankfully missing that horrific injury to kevin ware. and we took our traditional family photos.
such a great time and so thankful to be able share a few hours with them.

and after a few tough days and an unruly migraine, this breathtaking sunset was beyond comforting.

in other exciting news... carter made it home safely today and is there waiting on me!!!
so i'm headed back to knoxville to reunite with him and spend a few days in the mountains.

hope you had a wonderful easter!


lately i've been spending my free time getting to know franklin a little better. just grabbing my camera and heading toward town. i have been anticipating spring with it's sunshine and warmth for weeks now. that first day seemed so promising. but it's been a cold, rainy mess ever since. and that dreamy teal truck up there? it's caught my eye several times recently while passing it on the street and when i came across it the other day with the sun beaming down, i couldn't resist getting a photo. 

on sunday i met my sweet friend kelly for coffee and to catch up on life. we met a few months ago through instagram and i've enjoyed hearing about her life and newlywed adventures. she is such a genuine, kind soul! 

the weather wasn't nice at all. the clouds were threatening and the winds were vicious. but we did manage to roam through alley ways and make our way into anthropologie. these candles were lit around the store and they filled the space with an intoxicating smell. i've also been hoping to start collecting the mr. boddington's penguin classics. so many things, so little money....

hope you all have a wonderful week!

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- to you who made me see things i could never see alone-

today i am missing my best friend. 
he is currently up north, traveling across ohio and west virginia. 
this week, i am thankful for facetime and telling stories through photographs.
before you know it, we will be temporarily settled in a small, northeast country town. 
i am excited to explore a new place, hike along the appalachian trail and visit the blue ridge mountains.

these photos were taken in knoxville a few days before carter left. this place holds a lot of special memories for us. 

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last week we spent a saturday afternoon hiking to abram's falls.
the trail was muddy due to a rainy week but the sun was warm and inviting.
it was a little crowded for our taste but we took our time stopping here and there.
nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by trees and feeling him search for my hand.

see the first half of our hike here.


according to wikipedia : cades cove is an isolated valley located in the tennessee section of the great smoky mountain national parks, usa. the valley was home to numerous settlers before the formation of the national park. today cades cove, the single most popular destination for visitors to the park, attracts more than two million visitors a year because of its well preserved homesteads, scenic mountain views, and abundant display of wildlife.

according to me : this is one of my favorite places in tennessee. whenever we are in the area, we try and make a day trip here. whether it be to drive the loop or hike the trails, it never disappoints. we have always talked about camping here but we usually visit around the winter months and being a mountain and all, the weather conditions just aren't feasible. we had originally planned and packed for an eight mile hike up the mountain, but the park ranger informed us that most of the trail was covered in ice. with the sun shining and temperature nearing 60, we were not prepared for that. instead we decided on a more popular spot, abram's falls, which i will share with you soon! 

and yes i rocked the nineties // mom look jacket wrapped around my waist. mother nature, you're a fickle one. 


01 // "black crow" - greylag
02 // "thunder clatter" - wild cub
03 // "rill rill" - sleigh bells
04 // "dustbowl dance" - mumford and sons
05 // "country ballad" - stardeath and white dwarfs

i'm busy sorting through my things, trying to get an idea of what i will take with me when that phone call comes. carter has been in three different states in the last three days! once he is settled somewhere, i'll hop on a plane and meet him. thank you all for the warm wishes and kind words. i am so excited to start this new adventure together. here's a little bit of what's playing around my house this week. enjoy!


while visiting knoxville, i spent one sunny afternoon exploring old downtown. i love the atmosphere of gay street + market square... the architecture, different colors and sounds of the town bustling around me.  sometimes it's nice to just be outdoors with your favorite playlist on and your camera in hand.

[ p i c t u r e d ]

+ old broadway ave.
+ jfg lofts
+ painted brick exterior
+ southern railway station
+ knox mason
+ lovely office buildings
+ abandoned warehouse
+ gay street lofts