[ a p p r e c i a t i n g ]

the incredible people who are in my life -- my parents, who opened their home to not only me but carter too for the last two months. my grandmother, for always putting a smile on my face and keeping things interesting. my brother, for his incredible spirit and faith. carter, for loving me in all of my forms. carter's family, simply for being them. instagram, for being the creative outlet which inspired me to start my own business, indulge in my greatest passions and create a life out of it. and for the inspiring friends i have made through it. i couldn't be more thankful for the community it has created.

[ w a t c h i n g ]

i've watched two new movies this past week inspired by wonderful books. first, i saw the perks of being a wallflower. this movie tugged at just about every heart string inside of me. and i cried for charlie throughout the entire film. last night, i got a little movie date night. we saw safe haven and both really enjoyed it. i read the book a two years ago and was worried the film couldn't compete ( have you seen & read dear john?) i was pleasantly surprised with how much i liked it. probably a little more since carter enjoyed it too. and it doesn't hurt that josh duhamel played alex's character flawlessly and was pretty easy on the eyes. i get it now ladies, i do.

[ r e a d i n g ]

lately i have been diving into devotion and trying to disconnect a little to spend some quality time, just me and the lord. "jesus calling" specifically is the daily devotional given to me by carter's mama and it warms my heart every time i open it.

[ t a s t i n g ]

caramel white chocolate european cookies + a warm cup of coffee. yes, this is my breakfast today. i have been considering cutting down on my sugar intake, which is usually just during the morning hours. but i sometimes pull a leslie knope and it scares me.

[ e n j o y i n g ]

all of the pictures + videos my sneaky four year old niece left on my phone. she blows my mind with how smart she is. and after spending the weekend here with me filled with twilight movies, sponge bob scare pants and mood swings, it's nice to have my phone back! ;)

[ c r e a t i n g ]

i'm in the brainstorming stages of new cards and invitations. and will be opening up my shop on etsy within the next few months. i'm thrilled about finally pursuing this dream of mine.

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  1. I just recently saw Perks, as well. It was all I could have hoped for and more. I made sure not to read the book before because I was worried than I would critique every thing in the movie but... it exceeded all expectations.

    I'm happy to have happened across your blog. It's very lovely

    1. Thank you! I haven't read it either but will definitely be picking it up soon! :)

  2. Amazing jumper. Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)

    New posts
    Ethnic sweater trend!

  3. Those cookies sounds like heaven!
    Jillian -

  4. I'm curious about the european cookies, what is it exactly? It sounds delicious! And I love that cardigan you have.

    1. They came in an assorted box from Costco. These were my favorite, kind of a soft caramel cookie dipped in white chocolate. Delicious!


  6. I love your sweater and I can't wait to see your cards and invitations! Newest follower right here, love the blog! :)

  7. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is such an amazing book/movie. They did such a great job casting each of the characters.


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