- to you who made me see things i could never see alone-

today i am missing my best friend. 
he is currently up north, traveling across ohio and west virginia. 
this week, i am thankful for facetime and telling stories through photographs.
before you know it, we will be temporarily settled in a small, northeast country town. 
i am excited to explore a new place, hike along the appalachian trail and visit the blue ridge mountains.

these photos were taken in knoxville a few days before carter left. this place holds a lot of special memories for us. 

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  1. gorgeous photos! :) you'll be with him again before you know it.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I'm separated from my husband right now too and it's killing me! Stay strong girl!

    1. Ah! You too, Anne. At least we have us ladies to lean on! :)

  3. I feel for you-- I know what it's like to deal with distance. I'm quite jealous of your upcoming Appalachian adventures.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Here's to hoping the Appalachian adventures actually happen. If not, something else will! :) never stop exploring! xo


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