lately i've been spending my free time getting to know franklin a little better. just grabbing my camera and heading toward town. i have been anticipating spring with it's sunshine and warmth for weeks now. that first day seemed so promising. but it's been a cold, rainy mess ever since. and that dreamy teal truck up there? it's caught my eye several times recently while passing it on the street and when i came across it the other day with the sun beaming down, i couldn't resist getting a photo. 

on sunday i met my sweet friend kelly for coffee and to catch up on life. we met a few months ago through instagram and i've enjoyed hearing about her life and newlywed adventures. she is such a genuine, kind soul! 

the weather wasn't nice at all. the clouds were threatening and the winds were vicious. but we did manage to roam through alley ways and make our way into anthropologie. these candles were lit around the store and they filled the space with an intoxicating smell. i've also been hoping to start collecting the mr. boddington's penguin classics. so many things, so little money....

hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. i love exploring new place too. especially when there's a friend with coffee involved :)

  2. i love each & every one of these photographs. i love the hunters (of course) and the color of that truck is jaw-dropping. oh, and of course i want to run off to anthropologie now. i'd like to just pitch a tent (out of their bed linens) and live there forever. think they'd be ok with that? ; )

  3. Your photos are great! I really like the one with the truck. And here's to a warm weather actually arriving some day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  4. Don't you wish you could just live in Anthropologie? Every time I go I have to give myself a pep talk before walking in - No Heather, you don't *need* to buy a $90 pillow (but yes I do!). Ah. Their candles are pretty wonderful, though. If I can't make my entire apartment look like the store, you better believe I'll make it smell like the store!

    Anyways. You look lovely and that truck is pretty darn cool.


  5. great photos my dear.

  6. what a lovely, lovely, LOVELY photos!

  7. such lovely photos :)
    xo dana
    miss you around my blog!

  8. pretty pretty bits and pieces!
    the truck + the anthro goodness is almost too much beauty to look at. ahh.


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